Please pay in full at the beginning of each session by check or cash.  There is an annual registration fee of $90 for photocopies, recitals, receptions and professional development invoiced each September.  Registration later in the year is pro-rated.  There is a separate charge for solo piano accompaniments after the first beginner recital. If you need special consideration, please email


Refunds will only be made on the basis of a permanent move from the city.

The teacher may miss up to two weeks of private lessons per academic year due to illness or professional development without being obligated to make up the lessons.


Please call or email as soon as you know you will not be able to make a scheduled lesson time so that slot can be used for other students.  Make-ups must happen within the session they occur.  The teacher is not obligated to make up a lesson if you cannot come when the teacher is available.

Only Labor Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Christmas, New Years' and Thanksgiving are treated as studio holidays.  Please reschedule in advance if you have religious holidays or are away on holidays such as Veterans Day, etc.


1.      Cooperate during practice and lessons

2.    Wash hands, trim nails, get a drink and to the bathroom before daily practice and lessons

3.    Treat parents and teachers with respect

4.    Listen to recording daily


1.     Pay promptly and in full for all lessons

2.     Attend all classes as directed by teacher

3.     Maintain the instrument in good condition

4.     Observe lessons and take notes as directed by teacher

5.     Organize daily home practice

6.     Follow teacher’s suggestions for home teaching

7.     Play recordings daily


1.    Be qualified to teach any materials the student receives

2.    Be specific with assignments and expectations for the week

3.    Give practice ideas and support to the student and parent for each assignment given

4.    Make a commitment to develop violin and pedagogical skills on a regular basis

5.    Teach all lessons as scheduled except for reasons of illness or professional development.